Tvr Power’s involvement in Pro Stock Bike drag racing is the continuation of owner Dom Trickett’s long-term interest in the two wheeled version of the sport, with his past including sponsorship and support for leading UK riders and teams, as well as his input as a tuner by way of some very coveted cylinder head porting know-how.
The recent announcement of the sponsorship of Dave Beck and his record setting Pro Stock Suzuki ensures this involvement will continue at the highest level. Veteran rider and tuner Beck won the European Championship in 1994 as well as eleven British Championships including five consecutive titles from 2005 to 2009. He also spent ten years from the mid-nineties doubling up his race effort by competing in the Pro Mod series in the US Prostar championship. In addition to the championships, the Suzuki has set many records, most recently a new European best of 7.07 seconds for the standing start quarter mile.   
Dave Beck at 2009 UEM finals Santa Pod
Behind the carbon fibre bodywork of the bike is a four cylinder 1655cc carburetted motor, running on unleaded fuel. The cylinder head is a specially manufactured casting, with many more hours of CNC machining and hand finishing required. The two valve head has 48mm titanium inlet valves, with 39mm on the exhaust side. Inlet cams are a mountainous .710” lift, requiring replacement of valve springs every tenth trip down the quarter mile. Spinning to 13,400 rpm and delivering 330bhp, the motor is state of the art for the class. The power is transmitted to the track via a multi-stage clutch and a six-speed automatic transmission, all running on ceramic bearings. Race weight is a mandated 615 pounds including the rider and the rubber hits the road in the form of a 10” wide slick tyre.
The acceleration statistics are impressive with 60mph from a standing start reached in one second and 100mph in a fraction over two seconds. The bike reaches the 220 yard mark in 4.4 seconds and is clocking 160mph. The quarter mile finish stripe appears in a shade over seven seconds, with the terminal speed being around 185mph.  Professional racers in the US multi-million dollar Powerade NHRA series have been as quick as 6.9 seconds over the quarter.
The sponsorship deal makes sound sense to Tvr Power owner Dom Trickett, who points out “Tvr represents the pinnacle of carburetted road cars in terms of sheer power and performance and I’m sure Tvr owners will be able to relate to the setup and performance of the Tvr Power Pro Stock bike.”
Dave Beck New European Pro-stock record holder

The new sponsorship deal has allowed Dave Beck to focus his sights on new goals for 2010. The two main targets are for the newly formed partnership to compete in four rounds of the European Championship in the UK, Sweden and Norway, facing the very best of the European riders. In addition, both Dom and Dave have set themselves the target of being the first Pro Stock bike outside of the US to run the quarter mile in under seven seconds. With the combined years of tuning experience the two of them have, you can be sure this is a realistic goal.  Expect to see the bike out next year in Tvr Power colours - winning races and setting records.
Photograph by Rose Hughes ©2009
Photograph by Rose Hughes ©2009